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(English) New release is available now

Carta Marina is the first collaboration between the guitarist, composer and visual artist Ángel Ontalva (October Equus) and Russian space-prog rockers Vespero. 
Inspired by images and visions of the "Carta marina et descriptio septentrionalium terrarum", the first map of the Nordic countries to give details and place names, created by Olaus Magnus and published in 1539.

released July 9, 2018


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(English) CD version of Shum-Shir


We released CD version of our new album "Shum-Shir"!!
This version includes 4 bonus tracks ( "Gaya`s Dance" and "Hapi" are live versions,"Negusa" is yet unpublished composition and "Droga" is jam-version with guitarist Ilya Lipkin).
You can get your copy from our merch page:


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(English) 14th anniversary

New adventures soon!

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