great gig was yesterday. Thank you all!


Illusion 26 october 2013



26 october 2013

TVJjJ-SJZ6Q[1]  Astrakhan, cinema "Illusion"


Droga tour

New gigs soon! Astrakhan, Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Volgograd See there. And stay tuned to our twitter

OverFlow radio show

Tonight on overflow radio @ 10pm (Uk Time) - another selection of brand new music including : Crystal Jacqueline, Sendelica, Toffetronic, Paradise 9, Vespero, Census Of Hallucinations, Flutatious, Evel Gazebow, Pfrp, One Eyed God, Jay Tausig, Blue Giant Zeta Puppies & More! That's cool!

Review: Vespero – Droga

Our "Droga" (2013, R.A.I.G.) was reviewed by Andreas Schiffmann at (Germany). Read or translate from German. Wertung: 13 von 15 Punkten read and don't forget about donate (-;

First review on Droga

"Astrakhan’s Vespero have generally been an extremely progressive leaning outfit, and on their fifth platter, Droga, they go full-bore. Rising out, and up, from the deep waters they plumbed on Subkraut, Vespero take their sonics to heights matching Subkraut’s depths. The space rock is still heavily present, from traces of a deep Floyd..." by mr.atavist read more


Here is new release review on satellite release from ".... 'Liventures, etc' already blows me away really. A prolific and entertaining collection which deserves the highest rating.... irresistible modern kraut and ethno flavoured space rock - equipped with a proper amount of electronical stuff and some successful vocal parts - making a lot of any case..... " by Rivertree

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