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Vespero / Temple Music ‘Jennifer’ (originally by Faust)/ ‘Pegasus’ (originally by The Hollies) (2012) Fruits del Mer Records, Crustacean 35, 7”

Vespero / TempleMusic


• ‘Jennifer’ (originally by Faust)/ ‘Pegasus’ (originally by The Hollies), Fruits del Mer Records, Crustacean 35, 7”

♫ Vespero & Zone Six / The Split Thing (2012) Transubstans Records, TRANS076, CD ♫ Transubstans Records, TRANSV09, LP ♫



Vespero / Zone Six The Split Thing (2012)


 Transubstans Records, TRANS076, CD


 Transubstans Records, TRANSV09, LP



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