Foam (2008)

Trail Records, TR 02, CD-R


FOAM“Magical live theater performance by a Russian band with meditative soaring guitar passages and otherworldly female vocals. Be ready to take a trip to a dream world where Eastern tradition meets with progressive kraut rock. Amazing one-of-a kind live performance. Released on a Trail Records in 2008. “ by Alexander Tsalikhin of Trail Records

This unplugged performance was originally released by the band as home-made CD-R under the title “Concert at The Union of Theatre Artists” in 2007; re-released as “Foam” by Trail Records (USA) in 2008. Features an extended band’s line-up: Ivan Fedotov (drums, percussions), Arkadiy Fedotov (bass, flute, synthesizer), Alexander Kuzovlev (guitar), Alexei Klabukov (keyboards), Natalia Turina (vocals), and Alexander Krupin (percussions). (6 tracks – 46 min.).

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