Liventures 2008-2010 (2011) / DVD


R.A.I.G., AT007 , DVD


vespero_AT050bA collectable DVD-release of live music recorded from 2008-2010 in Astrakhan, Saint-Petersburg, and Moscow. Contains the highlights from the band’s three studio albums and one yet unpublished composition. Features the core line-up of Ivan Fedotov (drums), Arkadiy Fedotov (bass), Alexander Kuzovlev (guitar), and Alexei Klabukov (synths), as well as guest-appearances from Natalya Tjurina (vocals), Vladimir Belov (cello), Valentin Rulev (violin), and Alexei Esin (flute). Sound Production by Alexander Kuzovlev. Video Production by Arkadiy Fedotov. Limited to 100 pcs: professionally duplicated DVD-R (12 tracks – 76 min.) comes inside a hand-made silkscreen cardboard folder (blue-n-black colors over silver & grey cardboard). Designed and hand-printed by Maxim Ionov.


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