[:en]Sada (2020)[:]


Sada is the second collaboration between the guitarist, composer and visual artist Ángel Ontalva (October Equus) and Russian space-prog rockers Vespero. 
“…Fans of psychedelic rock with a hint of space, prog and even ethno elements will find here the perfect soundtrack for when the sun has set and the remains of the day are just waiting to be cherished in quiescence…”



released February 1, 2020

Performed by:
Ángel Ontalva – guitar
Alexander Kuzovlev – guitar
Vitaly Borodin – violin, piano
Alexey Klabukov – keys, synths
Arkady Fedotov – bass, synth, noises
Ivan Fedotov – drums

All music by Ángel Ontalva & Vespero
Recorded by Alexey Klabukov
in July – December`2019
in VMS studio, Astrakhan
Mixed by Alexander Kuzovlev
Mastered by Tobias Svensson
Original graphics by Ángel Ontalva
Design by Alexey Klabukov

Order your copy on: music.vespero.ru/merch