[:en]Shum-Shir (2017)[:]

17.11.2017 OUT NOW! New studio album "Shum-Shir" !

“...Shum-shir is an ancient Ethiopian ceremony. Every 10 years the tribal elders and shamans chose a new Nəgusä (King) for the entire tribe. They kindled fires of eucalyptus leaves and twigs. They added secret drugs and inhaled the smoke from fires, bursting into endless dance for all night.. The cleansing flame towering above the ancient trees and spirits of the tribes - Isidore, Gully and Gaya descended from heaven. They indicated who would become the new Nəgusä in the morning .At dawn, this man would indue himself in white robes with the sound of the heavenly Hapi drum. And the tribe began a new life ... "

(The chronicler Tekle - Ēzānā, 1687)


"Shum-Shir" is second part of “Abyssinian Tales” (first -”Lique Mekwas” was released as CD on R.A.I.G. In 2016 ).


Fully instrumental psyche-kraut-rock with ethno ifluences.
LP on Tonzonen​ Records.
Mastered by Eroc Ehrig​.


CD on Vespero's Mobile Studio
Mastered by Alexander Kuzovlev


All music by Vespero​
Recorded at VMS​ Studios 2015-2016
Digital version mixed and mastered by Alexander Kuzovlev​
Original graphics by Julia Novikova


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