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Fruits del Mer Records, Crustacean 35, 7”


Every year, Fruits de Mer puts out a single combines the best of the tracks that we wanted to release during the year but just couldn't get our act together earlier. This year it's two covers of tracks from wildly different beginnings – The Hollies' 'Pegasus' and Faust's 'Jennifer' – but somehow they work – or at least I think they do.

'Pegasus' is a wholly unrepresentative trailer for a Hollies covers LP compilation that will be coming out on Fruits de Mer in early 2013, while 'Jennifer' arrived from Russia too late for inclusion in 2012's 'Head Music' krautrock compilation, but is too damn good to ignore.
Together, they make for 15 minutes of motorik rhythms, moving from hushed to industrial sounds, but always with a melodic tread running through them. Hollies do krautrock, Faust do delicate, you do the right thing and buy it. Please.

By the way, it runs at 33rpm - the tracks are too long for a 45.

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by therocktologist:

...Then Vespero tackle Faust’s Jennifer, the classic from their IV album. While Temple Music made the soft Hollies number sound tougher, Vespero went into the other direction, turning the Faust number into a gentler affair, with fewer harsh segments. Jennifer is one of Faust’s mellower moments, but the ending of the song still contains some of their typical sonic destructions, but Vespero manage to make it through the whole song in a very rhythmical way and a steady pace...