“Lique Mekwas” (2016)

R.A.I.G., DD


“Lique Mekwas” is the 7th studio album by VESPERO, their 1st one performed as a 6-piece ensemble comprising Ivan Fedotov (drums, percussion), Alexander Timakov (drums, percussion), Arkady Fedotov (bass, synthesizers), Alexander Kuzovlev (guitars, electric piano), Alexey Klabukov (keyboards, synthesizers), and Vitaly Borodin (violin). It’s all instrumental musical burlesque combining the elements of prog-rock, space-psychedelia, jazz-fusion, and world-beats. The album tells a story of a young man who was appointed to serve the Crown Prince of Abyssinia as a guard-impersonator, and after the years of hard trials and adventures got to know that he had always been a true King of his country. Recorded and mixed by Alexander Kuzovlev; mastered by Tobias Svensson. Original artwork image by Alexander Zhelonkin. (7 tracks – 75 min.). Free streaming or immediate digital download of the album (MP3, FLAC or other formats) is available through Official R.A.I.G. Bandcamp.


R.A.I.G., R092, CD


CD comes in a full-color 4-panel cardboard folder.

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