New release featuring Vespero

In 1246, Giovanni da Pian del Carpine was the first Italian to reach Saraj Batu, just north of the mouth of the Volga, where he met the Mongol leader Batu Khan. Travelling overland 4915 kilometres, 777 years later, Dario Lo Cicero and Mila Di Addario arrive in nearby Astrakhan, for the easternmost leg of their long journey. There they meet with three musicians from the band Vespero, for an improvisation session. The musical understanding was beyond their expectations, and here is released the recording of that day. 

“De Ludo Globi” is out!

Our new album “De Ludo Globi” is out!

It is inspired by the work of Nicholas of Cusa. Two long pieces of music take all the best that we can create. This time Alexey Klabukov composed special arrangements for woodwinds and Alexey Esin filled everyting with beautiful flutes and saxophones. This is the most colorful music that we ever did!
Alexander Ov-Lebedev created fantastic monochome photos for cover and than shot a 12-minutes abstract film with his own vision of our music and concept.

Album will be on
LP (clostridiumrecords CR094 , limited edition of 300 copies, 8 pages booklet),
CD (VMS, 4 panel digipak , limited edition of 300 copies, 8 pages booklet)
Digital version: click here

Last July we played a set at “Insomnia” festival

Last July we played a set at “Insomnia” festival, the place where there was a deep fog in the morning and thus, around us there was something magical. We played some old stuff and 3 totally new compositions that will not be available on our albums until next year :))
Big thanks to Arsen Stepanyan, who did a really fantastic sound and a multi track from this set.
Mixed and mastered by Alexander Kuzovlev.



Vespero — Isosessions (VMS)

In 2020, during the pandemic, we made a series of videos “Isocessions” (

Every week, in our home studios, we composed new music and on Saturdays we showed the finished video with new composition. Later, some stuff was re-arranged, re-written and added to “Songo” album. Isosessions is a collection of all music that was written during that period. released November 17, 2022

Vespero – Songo (Tonzonen Records, TON110)

 Sonĝo – from Esperanto, means a dream. References to dreams can be found both in each track, and in the design, which this time was made by an amazing artist – Marat Dzhamaletdinov. Booklets with his graphics will be included with LP, CD and digital release on Bandcamp.
The album was released on Tonzonen Records – on LP, CD and also on cassettes. For the first time in 10 years, we have guest vocalist – Sonya Vlasova and our old friend Alexei Esin was play on gusli and wind instruments.
You can listen and buy our new album here: