New release featuring Vespero

In 1246, Giovanni da Pian del Carpine was the first Italian to reach Saraj Batu, just north of the mouth of the Volga, where he met the Mongol leader Batu Khan. Travelling overland 4915 kilometres, 777 years later, Dario Lo Cicero and Mila Di Addario arrive in nearby Astrakhan, for the easternmost leg of their long journey. There they meet with three musicians from the band Vespero, for an improvisation session. The musical understanding was beyond their expectations, and here is released the recording of that day. 

Vespero — Isosessions (VMS)

In 2020, during the pandemic, we made a series of videos “Isocessions” (

Every week, in our home studios, we composed new music and on Saturdays we showed the finished video with new composition. Later, some stuff was re-arranged, re-written and added to “Songo” album. Isosessions is a collection of all music that was written during that period. released November 17, 2022