Liventure #19 (2008)

R.A.I.G., AT007 , CD-R


F R E E – T O – D O W N L O A D (zip-file w/ artwork)

liventure 19“Liventure #19” is the first release of so-called “Liventure” series by VESPERO. This live album features 6 previously unpublished compositions and 1 track from the internationally acclaimed “Rito” debut CD (R024, RAIG). Performed by Ivan Fedotov (drums, percussion), Arkadiy Fedotov (bass, flute, vox), Alexander Kuzovlev (guitar, electronics), Alexei Klabukov (keyboards, button accordion), Natalya Tjurina (lead vox, synths). Recorded by Ivan Klyutsev at the Union of Theatre Artists in Astrakhan on June 21, 2008. Mixed and mastered by Alexader Kuzovlev. (95+ mb – 7 tracks – 49 min.). Original artwork by ZonderZond.