By the Waters of Tomorrow (2010)

R.A.I.G., R041, CD


vespero_2010_1b“VESPERO isn’t an easy band to pigeonhole. By The Waters Of Tomorrow, their third official studio album covers a diverse array of space-rock, kraut-rock, neo-psychedelia, and art-rock elements. But the group has a vision of their own, and continue to forge ahead on this completely instrumental album. The line-up features Ivan Fedotov (drums, percussion), Arkady Fedotov (bass, melodica, bass-synth, oscillations), Alexander Kuzovlev (guitar, electronics), Alexei Klabukov (keyboards, mellotron), Vladimir Belov (cello, keyboards) as well as a number of guests including synth-wizard Alisa Coral who is also a sound-producer of the album, and violinist Valentin Rulev, a past-member of the band. Full of synthesizers and strings, the music successfully links various stylistic areas with mysterious and a bit dark atmosphere. Another thing the release acknowledges is world music; elements of Near East music are quite prominent, though it is definitely a rock album. Vespero’s phenomena following will find a lot to appreciate in this challenging work. (9 tracks – 63 min.) by Igor Gorely of RAIG


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