05.06.2020  New studio album "FOUR ZOAS"


Every new album for us is an exciting adventure, and we are always trying to explore new territories. This is the most interesting thing we can find in music. It's a jigsaw puzzle composed of moods and various eclectic genres.
We want to thank YOU - our listeners, customers, radio DJs, reviewers! We would not have been able to do much without you! We want to thank Dirk Raupach, our publisher, Tonzonen Records, Eroc Ehrig for the amazing sound of the album (as always!!), Ilya Lipkin for a cool guest solo on “Giant Albion” and girls from string quartet who gave a new dimension to «Luvah».
Our new album is dedicated to the mystical visions of William Blake. Fantastic artist Denis Hohrin drew a clear thread between our music and the works of Blake in cover art!
We invite you to join us in this journey!
You can listen and purchase CD/LP of our new album on bandcamp!

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