Surpassing All Kings (2009)

R.A.I.G., R041, CD


vespero_2009_1b“Surpassing All Kings is the first album by VESPERO that resulted from completely new studio sessions instead of merely compiling the best tunes from earlier occasional recordings. Basic tracks were recorded in Astrakhan from November 2007 to November 2008, mixed and mastered in Moscow by Alisa Coral (of SPACE MIRRORS and PSI CORPS) in January 2009. Not surprisingly, this is not your usual progressive rock album. Full of fairy-light synthesizer washes, general sound leans towards experimental space rock with long, quirky but cohesive compositions that travel through several movements and time changes, and come across as perpetually progressing pieces, where ethereal voicing stand along with lyrics in the invented language. A charmingly blended fusion of various musical styles and ideas helps to make this album a true joy to experience. Music lovers with an open mind toward a symbiosis of progressive and psychedelic rock will find a lot to admire here. (7 tracks – 55 min.)» by Igor Gorely of RAIG


Disagreement from

Lightbringer from

Maliceth from


from Psychotropic Zone

Clayrhat from

Achim Breiling from babyblaue-seiten

Michele Merenda from

Mellotron Storm from progarchives

Rivertree from progarchives